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Posted : admin On 20.02.2019
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I too use BrewTarget. It supports BeerXML, so I can trade recipes with the majority of Brewing Software out there. It has guided me through many-a-brewday without issue. It does not have an 'undo' function yet though, so be careful. Only way to undo currently is to exit the program, and not save. Upon opening again, ALL Changes you made will be reverted to the last time you saved. I suggest only working on 1 recipe at a time, and saving it only when you are sure of the changes you have made.

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I tried all that were available for the Mac a couple months ago and this one I liked the best by far. Sony dcr trv80e driver for mac. Edit: Also, it's fantastic having all of my ingredients, volumes, mash temps and hop additions right in my pocket on my phone for when I'm running around on brew day.

That, and the code works on the Mac as well as in Linux and Windows. BeerTools Pro does have the benefit of running in OS X as well as Windows, so they have a large audience, but I see Beer Alchemy taking that away slowly but surely on the Mac.

Also, it's great to be able to enter in notes as I go. Even adjusts for temps when taking hydrometer readings. When I go to the homebrew shop with a brew and someone asks me what went in to it, I have it right there in my pocket.

The Basics RELATED: Homebrew is a package manager designed for installing UNIX tools and other open-source applications on Mac OS X. It will quickly download and install them, compiling them from source. Homebrew Cask extends Homebrew with support for installing binary apps — the kind you normally drag to your Applications folder from DMG files. Install Homebrew and Homebrew Cask First, you’ll need the command-line tools for Xcode installed. On a modern Mac OS X system, you can install these just by running the following command in a Terminal window. You could also install the full application from Apple, if you prefer — but that takes up more space on your Mac and isn’t necessary.

Xcode-select -install Next, install. You can just open a Terminal window, copy-paste the following command, and press Enter: ruby -e '$(curl -fsSL This script informs you what it will do. Press Enter and then provide your password to install it. By default, it installs Homebrew so you can use the brew command without typing the sudo command and providing your password.

Run the following command once you’re done to ensure Homebrew is installed and working properly: brew doctor UPDATE: The below command is no longer necessary. Homebrew Cask is now automatically installed as part of Homebrew itself. Once you’re done, run the following command to install. It uses Homebrew to install Cask: brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask. Install Graphical Apps With Homebrew Cask Now you can get started installing those graphical apps you want.

This involves some very simple commands. To search for one, use the following command: brew cask search name To install an app, run the following command. Homebrew Cask will automatically download it, extract the app, and install it to your Applications folder. Brew cask install name To uninstall an app with Homebrew Cask, run the following command: brew cask uninstall name Install Open-source Utilities With Homebrew The Homebrew command is the underlying package manager that installs all those UNIX and open-source utilities you might want. It’s the easiest way to install them on Mac OS X, just as it is on Linux.

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Like Homebrew Cask, it uses simple commands. To search for a utility: brew search name To download and install that package: brew install name To remove that package from your system later: brew remove name For more details on using these commands, read the or the on their official websites.

Not every graphical application or Unix utility you’re looking for will be available, but most of them probably will be. Unfortunately, there’s no graphical user interface for Homebrew Cask. This is a shame, because — while we geeks love easy terminal utilities — many people could benefit from easy software installation on Mac OS X. They can avoid all the downloading DMG files and clicking around. And, since, Homebrew Cask is a way around that.