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Posted : admin On 23.12.2019
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Apple's Mac OS X 10.6.7 system update overwrites any existing Quadro 4000 for Mac or Quadro FX 4800 for Mac graphics driver, resulting in a loss of graphics acceleration functionality, and also disables CUDA (if installed). On my Mac Pro (mid 2010). That runs with a PNY NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac graphics card. And runs NVIDIA CUDA driver v.4.0.50.

Okay, this is a not an elegant solution, but it worked and I know have accelerated graphics on my Dell Optiplex 960, 10.11.4, with a PNY GT710 -. Take the card out of the machine. Boot with monitor on built in video port (no acceleration but works).


Downloaded the NVIDIA new web drivers (without the card installed). Install drivers (they will install with no detectable hardware). Check every check box in Clover config there is for 'NVIDIA', enable them all. Shut down, put the new card in, move monitor to the card. Reboot That worked for me, I can watch quicktime movies, DVD's, use VLC, etc.

Works pretty good for a $50.00 card. Driving a dell flat panel at 1600 X 1050, and selected the NVIDIA drivers from the drop down in my menubar. NVIDIA control panel works too. I know this is an ugly brute force hack, no editing DSDT or kexts or anything, but it worked for me. When I tried to boot from the card before the drivers were installed, I would hit 'NVIDIA HAL Loaded' and stop booting, but putting the drivers on first and then rebooting let this card work.


Well, got my GT710. Flock xpi add ons software for mac. Got it to boot using nvdisable=1 and installed the web driver for 10.11.5. Now I got some problems trying to boot.

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Using only nvdadrv=1 was not enough and the machine rebooted during boot. Now injecting Nvidia and using nvdadrv=1 it didn't panic, but the display remains black. Now booted with nvdisable=1 and activated the Nvidia driver using System preferences. Booting normally leads to reboot during logo. Injecting Nvidia and omitting nvdadrv leads to reboot. Injecting nothing and using nvdadrv=1 leads to successful boot and a black screen.

Injecting Nvidia and using nvdadrv=1 leads to successful boot and a black screen. Booting with nvdadrv=1 and PCIRootUID=1 leads to successful boot and a black screen. Booting with nvdadrv=1 and Pike R. Alpha's AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy fix leads to success.

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Now to try two displays. Do I need to use two connectors on the GT710 or can I simultaneously use one on HD530 and one on GT710?