Silent Hunter 4 Sold For Mac

Posted : admin On 11.09.2019
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Boot Camp Assistant guides you through installing Windows on your Mac. And We currently don't have any Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific cheats. So I bought ACS on my PC and when I go to boot it up the game never loads up.

HunterSilent Hunter 4 Sold For Mac

Silent Hunter 4 Sold For Mac 2017

Completely remove SH3, and Starforce: (execute the application in rar archive sfcdrvrem.rar) Go to the buttom of the page and you find the download to remove Starforce. Search for Silent Hunter 3 v1.4b ENGLISH No-DVD/Fixed EXE on. and download it. Its a zip-file (rld-sh14.rar) containing the following files: SH3.EXE, MISSIONENGINE.DLL, SIMDATA.DLL, UTILS.DLL & STATEMACHINE.DLL 3.

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Install SH3 and remove the disc from the drive after installation, make sure the game does NOT run after installation. Patch to 1.4b (execute application silenthunter3dvd1.4bemea) and make sure the game doesn't start after patching.

Extract the contents of the zip-file into SH3's install directory and let it overwrite the files it needs to overwrite. At this point you should be able to play the game.

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The Steam version does not have Starforce. Ubi had to remove Starforce from games after a $5 million class action lawsuit from a gamer who had damaged hardware due to it, from a SHII disk. There were even bans at the Ubi forums due to the badmouthing of Ubi and the makers of SF. The irony, Ubi details how to bypass the DRM in their forums yet they implement it for other games.

That said, have you tried upgrading DX9? I run the Steam version on Vista 64 at 1680x1050 (there is a.dll you have to download and install for widescreen resolutions) and on Win 7 at a resolution I can't remember right off.

I can't remember if I set it to widescreen or not. Go over to and there is are thread about this very thing.