Webmin Alternatives For Mac

Posted : admin On 02.05.2019
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  1. Webmin Alternatives For Mac Os

Webmin Alternatives For Mac Os

Webmin is an interface to manage Linux and Windows web servers. Allows to create backups (send through FTP, save to local server or local computer), (6 Free and 3 Paid) 9 Alternatives to Webmin. There are plenty of alternatives for Profile Manager including of course. Of work on each client Mac rather than being configured once on the server. Servers is a better alternative people might want to look at Webmin as a. Tips & Tricks. Minimize the Digests shown Headers in Mailman 2.1.xx May 5, 2018; Configuring Domain Relaying with ISPConfig 3.1.xx May 2, 2018; No Type list in ISPConfig 3.1.11 May 2, 2018; Resetting MySQL/MariaDB root password in Ubuntu 16.04 April 3, 2018; Installing the missing mcrypt module for PHP 7.2 April 3, 2018; Listing all subscribers in mailman mailing list March 23, 2018.

SolidCP is a free and open source multiple server enterprise control panel for the Windows operating systems. It lets its users to easily control and manage unlimited amounts of servers. It also support for clustering as well that is the additional advantage of using this. As it will allow you to get all management issues solved at a centralized platform so you will be able to give your clients freedom to manage their resources from any place. It is optimized for offering speed and usability at the same time and additionally it is free and open source that too goes into the favor of server administrators.

One of the best things about SolidCP is that it easily work with all major enterprise level of hosting platforms. Either it is about getting the support of Sharepoint, Lync, Exchange, Microsoft CRM or any other platform, SolidCP is offering great support for many kind of external software. It will simplify your overall management work.